We’re Ba-aack!

Cabbage and Caviar is back, and excited to announce a new location: Sarajevo!  That’s right, Cabbage and Caviar is continuing its tour of the former Soviet Block by spending a summer interning for the Office of Security and Co-operation in Europe’s Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically in the Rule of Law division.

I ask first that you forgive me and expect complete radio silence between now and when I get my feet on the ground.  It will take a superhuman feat of strength to propel me through exams and everything else that is standing between me and Sarajevo.  But I will do it, by Jove!  As such, mea culpa for anticipated silence.

This teaser serves two purposes: first, piquing your interest and putting Cabbage and Caviar back on your radar.  Second, to express profound gratitude to the people who comprise my foundation, and they are numerous.  It goes without saying that I am grateful to my friends and family for never saying no (and if you did, it obviously did not compute).

The doors that have been opened for me are amazing, and the people that have touched my life have given me the poise and confidence to walk through them.  I genuinely believe that the opportunities available to me in the next year are not so much a reflection upon me, but instead a reflection upon the many people who have helped me get where I am.

See y’all again in May!