Briefly On Bulldogs, Loyalty, and Good Examples

Generally, I feel little affinity to the institutions that have been part of my life. Instead, I have great respect and loyalty for the people in those institutions for they way they have colored my experiences. I do not pledge loyalty to any particular sports team, and I suppose I’ve never lived in a place long enough to feel allegiance towards a place.

I make an exception to this rule for the University of Georgia School of Law, where I studied law.

I was lucky enough to have then-Professor Rutledge for Civil Procedure during my 1L year, and again later in my law school career for International Civil Litigation. Last Thursday, the now-Dean of Georgia School of Law, Bo Rutledge, sent the following email (with personal details redacted) to students and recents graduates:

Dear Members of the Law School Community (including our recent graduates):

Yesterday’s shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church remind us of the fragility of matters of race in this country.  Quite frankly, I find myself sad and speechless.

My family and I invite you to our home this Sunday at 5pm.  The purpose is, quite simply, to share our reflections on the matter and to reflect on how we, as a legal community, can respond to it.

No need to RSVP.  Just come.


Bo Rutledge

I do not profess to know the solution to this problem, simply because I recognize my own solutions are rather partisan (get rid of the guns, for a start). I do know that hand wringing and finger pointing will likely just allow the wound that is race relations in the United States to continue to fester, and this is unacceptable. People can die from hate, and people are dying from hate. Instead, we must seek solutions and follow Dean Rutledge’s example.

I am very proud to call myself a Bulldog.

What I’m listening to (feels particularly appropriate for this post): “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion,” by Oliver Tank


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