A Few Good Men, or: My Father, the Feminist

This post is an odd sort of throwback that is long overdue. It is largely based on an old (successful, to the extent that even matters) scholarship application for a wonderful organization called the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL). Check it out.

I stand by everything written in the now almost three year-old essay, but my understanding of some of the issues I address are deeper and more nuanced. More troublingly, my understanding of the issues facing young women is additionally deeper. Sadly, much of this understanding comes from unfortunate personal experience in the last year in particular. Happily, these experiences have expanded my world, enlightening me to new ways of thinking, strengthening my empathy, and bolstering the fervour with which I embrace some of the issues most important to me.

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Dad-o, myself and little sister back when we were all much more attractive.

I am now, incidentally, far more grateful in particular for the wonderful male role models I have had in my life. (Side note: this in no way diminishes the many amazing women I have in my life, but I feel as if I spend far more time talking about wonderful women, and need to acknowledge the wonderful men in my life).

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