Seven Easy Steps to Make America Better

Hey Lovely People,

In the wake of the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history and the killing of another black man by U.S. police forces I wanted to reach out and encourage a little positive action:
1. In my Facebook feed I notice a distinct difference between the posts by my black friends and those of my white friends, so, white friends:
  • Next: talk to your other white friends/colleagues in the U.S. It’s an uncomfortable topic, but we need accountability and accountability comes from discussions.
2. Find your representative here. Write your representative asking him/her to repeal the Dickey Amendment, allowing the Center for Disease Control to do research on gun violence. This is an easy start. If you’re feeling ambitious you can ask for other things, but I know not all of us feel entirely similar on gun control. At least let us have good data on how it’s affecting our country.
3. If interested, check out other action you can take through gun control advocacy groups like Everytown, the Brady Campaign, or the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.
4. Need a break?
5. Back? Refreshed? Ready for more? Good. Check out Campaign Zero, which documents police killings in the U.S. and has links to many valuable resources, including the Check the Police project, which focuses on the ways in which union contracts can be detrimental to police accountability.
6. Set an alarm on your phone, and copy/paste the stuff you choose to send your representative/senator and keep sending it.
7. Finally: get your friends involved. Forward this email. Have a “social movement happy hour”. I don’t care. Get others involved.
As Brexit just illustrated, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The squeaky wheel in America right now is the NRA, and xenophobic, white supremacists like Donald Trump and the populist movement that supports him. We can’t afford to be shy about having uncomfortable–but respectful– conversations. We are all incredibly privileged to have been born in a certain part of the world and–ignoring the fact that we do owe it to our communities (big and small ) to be better neighbors– in the long run a U.S. with fewer police shootings and less gun violence is better for all of us.
Plus, if y’all want me to come back we have to do a better job fixing our country.

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